Strategic Business Plan

Port-Business-Plan 2011

SBP Addendum as of October 22, 2014

SBP Addendum as of June 17, 2015

This Strategic Business Plan (SBP) is intended to meet the Oregon Business Development Department’s SBP requirements.  Oregon Administrative Rule – OAR 123, Division 25 – administers the Port Planning and Marketing Fund.  All ports formed under ORS 777 were required to adopt an SBP within one year of the state adopting its statewide SBP in order to be eligible for project funding.

The plan is also designed to be a flexible guideline for the Port Commissioners to use to make sound fiscal policy and planning decisions.  This plan has been prepared to meet the following Port of Umpqua needs.

 1.  Establish a revised mission, vision, goals and implementation strategies.

2.  Provide a plan to develop and enhance the economic diversity of the Port of Umpqua district.

3.  Provide a strategy for retaining existing business and attracting new business and industry to enhance local economic diversification efforts.

4.  Inventory existing Port facilities/properties and potential locations of interest for future Port investment in real property and/or capital infrastructure for new economic development.

5.  Adopt a prioritized Capital Facilities Plan and feasible funding strategy.

6.  Provde the community and potential customers a clear understanding of the Port’s mission, as well as its functions and purpose.

7.  Comply with OAR 123-0025, which requires the Port to prepare and adopt a strategic business plan in order to request state funding for planned improvements.