Announcement from The Port of Umpqua District Manager January 12, 2023

It is the policy of the Port of Umpqua that a sound and responsive public contracting system should allow impartial, meaningful, and open competition, preserving formal competitive selection as the standard for public contracts.  In 2015, the Port of Umpqua opted out of the Public Contracting Model Rules adopted by the Attorney General Under ORS sub-chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C, as set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 137, Divisions 46, 47, 48, and 49 (the “Model Rules”) and adopted its own rules.  The 2015 Resolution confirmed the Port’s governing body would continue as its local contract review board.  Since then, state law has changed in ways requiring further updates to accommodate changes in Oregon’s public contracting code.  The Port recognizes it may exempt certain public improvement contracts or classes of such contracts under ORS 279C.335.

The Port Board of Commissioners shall continue as the Local Contract Review Board of the Port and shall have all the rights, powers, and authority necessary to carry out the provisions of Chapters 279A, 279B, and 279C (the “Public Contracting Code”) and rules (see PDF link).  Except as otherwise provided, the definitions established in the rules apply herein.  The term “Contracting Agency” as used in the rules includes Contracting Agency’s chief administrative officer, or designee, or any other purchasing agent, as designated by Port policy.  Those individuals and hereby designated as the Port’s Contracting agency and may exercise all authorities, powers, and duties granted to a Contracting agency under the Public Contracting Code and attached Rules (see PDF link), unless otherwise established by Port Policy.

To view the proposed rules you can view or download the PDF by clicking HERE

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